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Buckwheat Polisher


Buckwheat polishing machines for commercial production

The ABC Hansen polisher is a great enhancer of buckwheat flour. While not a grass, buckwheat is related to rhubarb, sorrel and knotweed. It has very high protein of around 18% and is not fertilised with nitrogen which actually decreases its yield. It has high amino acid values and is rich in iron and selenium. While containing some proteins similar to wheat’s glutenin and glutenoid proteins, buckwheat is approved in the Canadian and European Gluten Free Diet. Products from buckwheat includes noodles, flatbreads, groats, roasted groat, kasha, fermented pancakes etc. and as thickening agents for soups, gravies and dressings. Buckwheat is also used in gluten free beer and is therefore malted. Whisky and Japanese shochu can also be made from buckwheat. Buckwheat tea is called sobacha and is drunk in Japan.

Buckwheat is always processed following polishing away of the hulls on an ABC Hansen polisher or the bran separated after roller milling. The ABC Hansen 600mm or 950mm stone mills are excellent buckwheat mills and the Universal mill with plate or stone attachments would also be good ways to mill buckwheat.

The use of an ABC Hansen polisher prior to stone milling, would allow for a lighter flour and would bake with a cream colour. The flour so obtained is the only flour able to be classed as "stone ground flour" as all other flours have extensive contact with steel.

The polisher works on an abrasion principle with five stones of special emery and flint, which scours the bran from the barley kernel. The next stage of milling on a stone mill then provides for true "stone ground flour." In combination with organic barley, this is a highly desirable product in the health market.

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