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Flax Seed mill


Flax seed flour (Linseed flour) milling machines in commercial scale.

Flax seed flour may be produced by milling flax seed in a Universal mill with plate attachment. Machines for cleaning and separating flax seed seeds can also be obtained from ABC Hansen.

Flax seed flour may be processed as a fine or crunchy flour and is widely used to improve digestion and is used in granola for instance. It is also used by people on banting diets and for those intolerant of wheat or other grains containing gluten. Flax flour and seeds are often used in multigrain breads. Note however that ground flax seeds can go rancid in as short a time as one week and should be packed immediately after milling without exposure to air and light and can then be stored for up to 9 months and for 20 months and longer under warehouse conditions at room temperature.

Apart from the plate attachment, the Universal mill can also be turned into a hammer mill, pin mill and stone mill simply through changing the milling heads and adjusting the speed in a very simple fashion.

Universal mills are made in stainless steel and chrome plated, contact parts.

It is always recommended that products be screened on an ABC Hansen rotary sifter prior to packaging for quality purposes if not for grading or separation purposes.

It is likewise recommended that all grain products specifically, be properly cleaned prior to processing. The Quail II aspirator and cleaner separator with magnets to isolate ferrous material is supplied by ABC Hansen for this purpose. In some cases no warranty would apply on milling equipment if the product is not cleaned properly prior to processing as the milling and other equipment may be damaged.

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