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Peanut mill


Peanut butter processing machines at commercial scale and high quality.

Peanut butter is made through roasting usually split peanuts, removing the skin and germ and then milling the roasted nut down into a butter while optionally adding items like salt, sugar, spices, chocolate, cocoa, emulsifier and additional oil should the nut be low on oil or due to economic reasons.

ABC Hansen supplies all equipment in this process in various capacities namely roasters operating with gas, electricity and diesel / industrial oil, de-skinners / blanchers (for split nuts and also for snack nuts). The heart of the system is of course the Universal mill with plate attachment. Each mill can process more than 240kg of peanut butter per hour with 11kw motor and the plant can be scaled to the buyers’ requirement.

The butter can have a fine and smooth texture or a crunchy texture depending on how the operator sets the machine. Both sides of the plates can be used for milling.

Apart from the plate attachment, the Universal mill can also be turned into a hammer mill, pin mill and stone mill simply through changing the milling heads and adjusting the speed in a very simple fashion.

Universal mills are made in stainless steel and chrome plated, contact parts.

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