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Hippo Hamer Mill 47


All Hippo hammer mills from models Baby up to Size 69 are based on cast iron milling plates, which drastically increases the lifespan of the mill, compared to any other mill in the world.

The Hippo model 47 was developed just after the 2nd World War when the industrial boom created a demand for larger scale mills. Today the model 47 is a mid-sized industrial/commercial mill suitable for industrial, feed factory and farm use, with higher capacity than the size 1 ½ mill due to its deeper design allowing for longer beaters and subsequent faster tips speed. It has the same intake width as the model 1 ½ and is therefore not suited for hay milling but very well suited for grain and other compact particle sized products. It otherwise has the same high quality parts as all Hippo mills. All milling tips are manufactured from Bennox steel to ensure long lifetime on these parts. Optionally Hardox or other milling tips may be substituted for special applications. Hippo size 47 is a powerful mill, with 18.5 to 22kW motor and extremely robust for industrial use 24/7 where capacity is becoming an important issue.

Power required: 18.5KW 3 Phase 380V Electric / 20HP Diesel / PTO
Capacity: 0.8mm Screen 520kg/hr
1.6mm Screen 900kg/hr
8mm Screen 2400kg/hr
Capacity is based on dry maize
Length: 3,254mm
Width: 1,341mm
Height: 2,361mm
Net weight: 252KG
Rotor diameter: 500mm
Number of beaters:6
Number of tips: 24
Tip Speed: 104m/s

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