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Hippo Hamer Mill 69


All Hippo hammer mills from models Baby up to Size 69 are based on cast iron milling plates, which drastically increases the lifespan of the mill, compared to any other mill in the world.

The Hippo 69 is the top of the range of cast iron hammer mills for mainly commercial/industrial use, with high capacity, and high quality parts. The mill has a wide opening to allow easy introduction of bulky products such as hay and lucern. All milling tips are manufactured from Bennox steel to ensure long lifetime on these parts. Optionally Hardox or other milling tips may be substituted for special applications. The model 69 is selected where capacity is an important issue and dependability at 24/7 production is important. It is a very powerful mill with 45 kW motor, outperforming all mills in its class.

Power required: 45KW 3 Phase 380V Electric / PTO
Capacity: 0.8mm Screen 900kg/hr
1.6mm Screen 1750kg/hr
8mm Screen 3500kg/hr
Capacity is based on dry maize
Length: 2,732mm
Width: 1,493mm
Height: 2,300mm
Net weight: 450kg
Rotor diameter: 500mm
Number of beaters: 16
Number of tips: 64
Tip Speed: 104m/s

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