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Hippo Hamer Mill Mammoth


The Hippo L63, HayMaster and Mammoth mills are fabricated rather than cast iron mills. Its common feature includes a very wide and long opening where product can be introduced along the entire length of the milling chamber and onto the rotating tips which smashes the product against the back milling plate. In all cases this back milling plate is constructed of Bennox steel for extra-long life and multi faced surface. Product is discharged to the bottom of the mill either into a conveyor or into an airline which sucks the milled product from the screen and with negative pressure through a cyclone where the product is bagged off once it has passed through a rotary valve, sealing off the air and allowing the excess air to escape through the fan and either into the fresh air where dust is not problematic or rather through a dust manifold system where all fine particles are filtered off before the excess air is released into the atmosphere.

The Hippo Mammoth is an industrial mill, well suited to feed mills and other industrial operations where high capacity, and high quality parts is important when operating a 24/7 schedule. A powerful 75 or 90kW motor provides sufficient milling power and its accompanying 18kW high pressure fan does not take any power from this drive in transporting the finished product to the next stage. The rotary valve normally consumes a further 2.2kW power and the dust manifold has a unload auger, two axial in-process cleaning fans and a pneumatic pulse to keep the dust filters clean and to avoid back-pressure build-up. The Mammoth mill is securely seated at the top of its class. Selected when it has to substitute for several smaller mills of lesser capacity. High quality world class bearings, dynamically balanced shaft and swift tip speed with durable replaceable parts, bolted together to counter metal fatigue caused by vibration and custom designed intake should it be required, makes this a fine piece of engineering. All milling tips are manufactured from Bennox steel to ensure long lifetime on these parts. Optionally Hardox or other milling tips may be substituted for special applications.

Mass 750kg
Beater centres 36
Tips 72/144
Tip Speed 62m/s
Rotor RPM 2400 RPM
Rotor Diameter 500 mm
Total length 2,085
Total width 1,710
Total height 2,120
Screen area (cm²) 7,908
Capacity (through 0.8mm screen - Clean maize) 2400kg/hr
Capacity (through 1.6mm screen - Clean maize) 5,000kg/hr
Capacity (through 8mm screen - Clean maize) 11,000kg/hr
Construction material Mild Steel / Stainless Steel / Bennox Steel
Power requirement 75KW/90KW/110KW*
Consumables Tip/Beater Centre/V-Belt

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