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The UNIVERSAL – plate – hammer – pin- and stone mill

Adriaan sit hier prentjies van die goed hieronder genoem in asb. Suiker, koek, swieties, tortillas, grondboon botter, - kyk die lys Sit ook ‘n exploded view van die meule by en die attachments ens.

This unique mill was developed by ABC Hansen and entails a combination of plate mill, pin mill, stone mill and hammer mill, in one basic structure as a relatively inexpensive solution to small and medium scale millers. Much like a food processor found in commercial kitchens, just on a much larger scale, the various attachments and speed reducers are supplied in kit form whereby one drive unit is all it takes to, in turn, transform the plate mill into a hammer mill or a stone mill or a pin mill.

  1. The hammer mill attachment is used for milling herbs or other free flowing dry products with limited amounts of sugar, oil and moisture, including all grains, legumes, seeds, herbs, spices, hulls and bran etc. for milling through minimum 600 micron screens, with no upper limit.
  2. The plate mill is used for grinding oily and wet or normal grains as well as oil seeds with high oil content into pastes, wet maize into nixtamalised maize dough, non-free flowing materials (provided it can be accepted into the mill and between the grinding plates. Also very well suited for cocoa and coffee, herb teas into powders, de-hulling of certain oil seeds. The perfect peanut butter and other nut butter mill for very smooth and optionally crunchy butter for retail or further processing into snacks and confectionery.
  3. The pin mill is primarily used for milling granular products with high sugar content into powders at low temperature, for example grinding light brown sugar into icing and castor sugar and also for milling pigments (where high temperatures destroys colour) and for products or products with a high propensity to melt under temperature. Chemicals, colourants, flavourants, pharmaceuticals can all be milled here.
  4. The stone mill is used for milling granular materials into powders at cooler temperatures, and is used mostly in spice milling and in wheat milling and wherever low sugar, low moisture and low oil content products require cool and fine milling. Stone milled products are widely accepted in processing organic products where contact with ferrous milling media is discouraged.

The other wonder of the Universal Mill, is that it can, as the Hippo range of hammer mills, run off a diesel or petrol engine where not sufficient electric power in three phase, is available.

The fineness of the milled product, when using the plate, or stone attachments, can easily be adjusted with the adjustment wheel on the side of the machine - which adjusts the gap between the two plates. The pin mill however is not adjustable as the fineness is determined by the speed of the pins and the spacing of the pins.

To adjust the fineness of the milled product when using the hammer mill attachment, the screen is changed. Screen sizes vary between 0.6mm aperture up to 25mm aperture and can very easily be changed. For smaller sized screens, stainless steel is suggested.

The Universal mill has all its contact parts in stainless steel except for the milling plates which uses a very hard alloy and the hammer mill tips using hardened bennox steel and naturally the stone which is a cast stone of natural emeries and flints with magnetite base.

Feel free to contact us with your specific requirement. If we are unsure of the best way to mill a product, a test may be arranged at a nominal fee.

Products that can be milled using the different attachments are listed, but are not limited to the following:

Plate mill

  • Peanuts for peanut butter
  • Maize into maize meal
  • Tea for extracts
  • Spices
  • Oily and non free flowing products
  • Macadamia nuts for macadamia butter
  • Wet maize for burritos/tacos
  • Dehuller for sunflowers (used with aspirator)
  • Soy beans

Hammer mill

  • Maize meal for human consumption
  • Maize for animal feed
  • Grasses for animal feed
  • Tea for extracts
  • Spices
  • Herbs
  • Dehulling of maize (used with aspirator)
  • Bone meal
  • Soy beans

Stone mill

  • Wheat into stoneground flour
  • Spices
  • Rice flour
  • Maize flour
  • Starch milling
  • Peanuts for peanut butter (with cooling)
  • Tea for extracts
  • Teff/Emmer/Barley/Amarant/Quinoa flour
  • Rye into stoneground flour

Pin mill

  • Sugar for milling into castor or icing sugar
  • Maize for animal feed
  • Grasses for animal feed
  • Tea for extracts
  • Spices
  • Herbs
  • Dehulling of maize (used with aspirator)
  • Bone meal
  • Soy beans

Specification table - as indicative

Height 1500mm
Width 600mm
Length 1400mm
Weight 285
Number of reversable plates 2
Diameter of plates 280mm
Number of stones 2
Diameter of stones 350mm
Number of Bennox hammermill tips 12
Size of tips 55x55x8
Consumables Plates, V-belts, bearings, plates, stones, hammer mill tips
Power 11KW
Capacity (dependant on product and fineness) 120kg/h-400kg/h
Materials Mild steel / Stainless steel optional

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